The Challenge

As the population of cities continues to grow, young workers in major metropolises around the world are faced with the challenge of finding affordable housing close to work.  In many major cities, such as Hong Kong and Tokyo, ‘affordable’ means ‘tiny’ – and in many cases ‘barely livable.’  Tiny apartments, aptly named ‘Coffin Apartments,’ have sprung up across the metropolises of Asia.  My goal was to design a living space under 150 square feet that had the open feel of being part of the city.

Design Process

Analyzing simplicity was a difficult process requiring everything to be questioned.  I did not wish to simply design a tiny-bedroom, but a new, inevitable way of living.  I went through traditional apartments and questioned everything.  Why is a bed flat? What about the desk?  Why is it rectangular?  Why do we have a chair for working at the desk  and another for sitting and relaxing?  As I began analyzing the room, I began to see our average living space was defined by limiting preconceptions.