A vestibulectomy is performed in case of severe vulvar pain caused by chronic inflammation of the vestibule, often preventing the patient from wearing tight clothing, sitting for prolonged periods, wearing tampons, and having intercourse.

Video Purpose

This surgical simulation was made to educate patients and family members about vestibulectomy surgery.  Many patients may find viewing photos taken during surgery upsetting and disturbing.  I created this animation with the goal of giving patients the knowledge they need to make a confident decision in a sensitive manner.

A young woman’s decision to allow someone to operate on her genitals is almost incomprehensible…  Eugenia has made the necessary surgical steps appear logical and, most importantly, simple.  Patients state that if not for the surgical animation, they would not have ever considered the procedure.

Dr. Irwin GoldsteinClinical Professor of Surgery at University of California at San Diego and Director of San Diego Sexual Medicine